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Medical Systematics, Inc.

About Medical Systematics, Inc.

Our Mission

The three pyramids in our logo represent the three critical elements of our business. The elements are our customers, our employees, and our investors. Our customers are provided the very best in goods and services. Our employees are provided the opportunity to thrive in and enjoy their chosen careers. Our investors are provided a safe and reasonable return on their investment.

Company Profile

Medical Systematics, Inc. was originally founded in 1982 by a local family practice physician. In 1986 Dave Porter took over as general manager and has acquired the principal position in company. 

We pioneered electronic billing and were one of the very first medical practice software vendors to provide electronic claims to Medicare and Medi-Cal. We did this when the fastest modems available were 300 baud and cost $700 each!

We believe the reason we excel at data processing and information technology for the medical industry is that we truly enjoy what we do.  We have found that offering quality goods and services, standing behind what we sell, and providing service second to none, is more important than having the lowest price.  We strive to seek out customers who can reap the maximum benefit from the goods and services that we provide. When we help our customers define what they need, then deliver the right products and services on time and under budget, is when we have the most fun!